Solicita: Sr. Labor Relations Supervisor
    Descripción y Requisitos
  1. Job Summary:  Provides guidance and helps to resolve employees’ conflicts. Maintain continuous communication with employees in order to helps to identify emerging or potential Human Resources issues.

    II.        Primarily Job Responsibilities

1.     Coordinate Motivational Activities (Social, Cultural, and sports)

1.1.   Coordinate activities of organization event

1.2.   Coordinate activities during the event progress.

2.     Support Activities Focused on reduce absenteeism and turnover

2.1.   Analysis root cause of absenteeism an turnover

2.2.   Suggest actions to reduce absenteeism and turnover.

2.3.   Implement and Follow up actions

3.     Supervise compliance of company policies

3.1.   Supervise compliance Internal Work Rules, Company Policies and regulations

3.2.   Apply disciplinary sanctions to employees missing compliance company policies.

3.3.   Continuous Labor Environmental sense in order to identify potential Human Resources risk.

4.     Follow up Employee Labor Law process

4.1.   Conducts exit interviews,

4.2.   Makes sure that progressive discipline is followed, when applicable, before allowing termination.

4.3.   Conduct termination personnel process when necessary. 

5.     Productivity Recognition Program

5.1.   Promotion of Productivity Recognition Program

5.2.   Winning Area Award Coordination

6.     Individual Performance Recognition Program

6.1.   Promotion of Individual Performance Recognition Program

6.2.   Coordination of the selection of winners each month

6.3.   Coordination of award winners

7.     Compliance with company policies

7.1.   Comply with department policies and regulations

7.2.   Comply with 3Q6S activities

7.3.   Comply with environmental policy, as well as provide follow-up of significant environmental aspects, environmental objectives and goals with which we interact

   III.        Competences required to perform the job (functional and interpersonal skills):

  1. Professional Competences:   Labor Relations, Labor Legislation.
  2. General Competences: 
  • Bilingual English /Spanish (Japanese desirable).
  • Computer Skills (MS Offices, TRESS system)
  • Communication Skills
  • Commitment to Nidec Values
  • Results Orientation,
  • Agility, Adaptability
  • Interpersonal Skills, Communication, Team Player, Customer Oriented & Problem Solving.

   IV.        Education / Experience:

  1. Bachelor Degree in Business Administration / Labor Relations / Communication (or equivalent experience).

    V.        Work Experience:

  1. Minimum 3-5 years of experience as Supervisor
  2. Manufacturing Industry experience

   VI.        Certifications / Training:

  1. Labor Legislation

 VII.        Accountability and Authority of the position:

  1.  This position report directly to Human Resources Manager

VIII.        One of the responsibilities of all employees is to contribute to the conservation of the environment, through:

Generally responsibility as an individual contributor:

  1. Report water or oil leaks in machines to the EHS department.
  2. Report the lack of environmental badges to the EHS department.
  3. Turn off equipment when they are not being used, includes offices if applicable.
  4. Dispose correctly without mixing of Hazardous and Non-hazardous waste (Cardboard, plastic, etc).
  5. Respect the quality rules at all times to reduce the generation of scrap.

Puesto:  Recursos Humanos - Supervisor
    Información Adicional
Tipo de contrato: Permanente
Salario:  Negociable

Estado o Region: Chihuahua
Ciudad: Ciudad Juarez


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