Solicita: SQA Engineer
    Descripción y Requisitos

      I.        Job Summary:

Perform and follow up activities with suppliers in order to reach: targeted PPM’s  &  “zero” C1 Quality Incidents

    II.        Primarily Job Responsibilities (Enlist between 5 and 10) if any responsibility requires to enlist few activities under the responsibility annotate them as sub index (f.e 1.2,1.3 etc.)

  1. Approve Suppliers Quality Systems and processes

1.1.   Perform system audits

1.2.   Follow up corrective actions

1.3.   Work with suppliers to improve their quality system

  1. Approve Initial Samples (PPAP’s - level 5 when applicable)

2.1.   Review and approve documentation submitted by suppliers according with AIAG standard.

2.2.   Coordinate meetings with Engineering, Quality, Process & Purchasing if it is needed to get final approval.

2.3.   Assure that all purchased components are loaded into the IMDS system.

  1. Suppliers indicators follow up

3.1.   Work with suppliers to reach targeted PPM’s and “0”  C1 Quality Incidents.

3.2.   Drive action plans with suppliers to comply to objectives   

3.3.   Continuous feedback to suppliers – QCD -

  1. Support analysis and problem solving

4.1.   Support Internal investigation (MSA, functional tests,)

4.2.   Support containment activities.

4.3.   Support to final solution. Follow up with suppliers. QRQC Implementation (PDCA / FTA ). On time response to quality incidents in 24hrs/5days/10days.

  1. Verification of corrective action effectiveness and prevent defective components

5.1.   Administration of the part status on SAP.

  1. Support development of gages for incoming inspection to improve efficiency

6.1.   Describe activity/ insert more or delete if not needed

  1. Integration / Projects

7.1.   Perform evaluations to potential suppliers along with P1 / family buyers

7.2.   Participate in technical reviews with suppliers

7.3.   Participate along with platform members in projects reviews (when needed)

7.4.   Projects coordination (as assigned)

  1. Responsivities related to the Quality system.

8.1.   Assure Quality Standards for the purchased components in accordance with IATF 16949 and VDA 6.3.

8.2.   Enforce application of SPC and other quality tools with suppliers

8.3.   Develop and improve QC Plans for incoming inspection from each purchased component

8.4.   Work along with the Incoming Inspection & Quality Engineers to obtain quality information from  suppliers (material certificates, dimensional reports, capability studies ...)

8.5.   Participate on QRQC with Suppliers.

8.6.   Take responsibility stated for this position in the procedures and work instructions of the quality system.

8.7.    Assure compliance of activities defined in the procedures and work instructions.

8.8.    Make periodical revisions of the procedures and work instructions before due or earlier as required.

8.9.    Propose improvements to the process and procedures owned in the quality system.

  1. Assure that customer requirements are determined and are met with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction.

9.1.   Assure that customer requirements are met according with their area of influence.

9.2.   Support performing LPA's Audits 

10.  To comply with the safety policy at all the time.

10.1.If applicable to follow the VME or safety devices and report to the personnel indicated as applicable in order to correct it promptly.

10.2.To report to the medical department any incident or accident.

10.3.To follow the ergonomics recommendations while using computer equipment.

11.  To comply with the environmental policy at all the time.

11.1.According to the environmental program department, follow up and respect the environmental general guidelines.

11.2. To contribute the achievement of the environmental goals and objectives.

   III.        Competences required to perform the job (functional and interpersonal skills):

  1. Professional Competences: Technological knowledge, Purchasing and Quality Tools, Analytical problem solving, Industrial Engineering principles
  2. General Competences:  Maintain customer focus, Interpersonal skills / Communication  / Team Player, Adaptability  /  Agility, Results orientation
  3. English

   IV.        Education:

  1. Bachelor degree in Engineering.(preferred)

    V.        Work Experience:

  1. A minimum of 5 years in the Quality Assurance area and the assistance to suppliers.

   VI.        Certifications / Training:

  1. Dimensional Metrology.
  2. G D & T
  3. Automotive Industry acquaintance
  4. ISO TS 16949 knowledge.
  5. Problem Solving Oriented Team
  6. Knowledge of problem solving techniques.
  7. FMEA (failure mode and effects analysis)
  8. PPAP  (Product Part Approval Process)
  9. APQP  (Advanced Program Quality Plan)
  10. SPC    (Statistical Process Control)
  11. MSA    (Measurement system analysis)
  12. Knowledge on Lean Manufacturing
  13. Poka - Yokes. 
  14. Computer Systems Skills; Word, Lotus.
  15. ISO 19011:2015 Auditing.
  16. VDA 6.3 (Auditing).

Puesto:  Comprador
    Información Adicional
Tipo de contrato: Permanente
Salario:  Negociable

Estado o Region: Chihuahua
Ciudad: Ciudad Juarez


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