Solicita: LCS Service Process Leader
    Descripción y Requisitos

 LCS Service Process Leader

The LCS Service Process Leader will be a key driver of process improvement within the LCS Service Delivery Team.   This role will be responsible for improving LCS install cycle time and customer experience by leading multiple “field to factory” lean projects within the warehouse. This will include communication, training and monitoring components with cross-functional partners to ensure success and completion of the process. 
Essential Responsibilities
•Identify creative ways to reduce packaging materials by over 75% and improve field service installation time by at least 50%. •Engage LCS Service and other installation teams to develop plans to be able to stage and new NPI’s with reduced packaging solutions.
•Leverage Six Sigma, Lean or equivalent continuous improvement methodology to new packaging design.  Identify failure modes, implement sustainable solutions, and develop process controls/ monitoring within the new process.
•Define manufacturing system enhancements to enable and sustain installation projects
•Develop and monitor KPI’s for fulfillment processes to ship orders complete, and to reduce field service installation time using the new packaging process.
•Collaborate with Field Service Engineers to develop install lab. 
•Manage multiple, large scale projects including resources, timelines, and all phases of project management across global functions to deliver results
•Identify defect management system as a resource to identify, correct, monitor and control process deviation from within the new packaging projects.
•Projects to drive operational efficiency and Variable Cost Productivity
•Gather VOC from field engineers and technical support teams •Lead the assessment of primary operational processes, including flow maps, standardized templates, simplified methods, and SOP’s to drive improved process efficiency.
•Collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand and implement improved methods. 
•Develop Operating Mechanisms for each program and status tracking. This includes facilitating project meetings cross-functionally and creating overall project tracking dashboard for key success metrics.

•Bachelor's degree in Engineering, Information Systems, Supply Chain Management, or equivalent
•Relevant industry experience in Project Management/Process Leadership
•Demonstrated change management leadership
•Green belt or equivalent training in process improvement
•Self-motivated/goal oriented
•Identify and report any quality or compliance concerns and take immediate corrective action as required.
•Minimum of seven years of experience in service or supply chain roles related to parts, inventory, and/ or order fulfillment
•Ability to thrive in a global, regulatory, fast paced environment •Strong verbal/written communication skills with facilitation experience 

Puesto:  Especialista
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Tipo de contrato: Permanente
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