Solicita: Superintendente de Producción
    Descripción y Requisitos



Direct, plan, monitor and control manufacturing operations and new projects and achieve approved plans and forecasts in a cost effective and continuous improvement world-class manner. 

Responsible for developing, planning, establishing and maintaining all quality systems to assure that all products manufactured by the organization meet customer specifications and achieve superior quality and reliability levels.

Responsible for the performance of all department functions – manufacturing, quality, planning, customer service, engineering, and equipment maintenance.  Initiates continual improvement and ensures overall compliance with ISO/TS 16949. Fulfill to  responsibilities documented in  EMS.  Follows environmental requirements within ISO 14001 as well as compliance with the requirements of OEA-CTPAT. To fulfill the roles and responsibilities related to the protection of the environment.


Develops operating plans and budgets to meet established business goals.

  1. Plans, directs, and monitors, manufacturing operations to achieve the performance necessary to meet Division goals and objectives.

  2. Develop and implement a quality production program to ensure conformity of final products to ISO/TS 16949 quality standards.

  3. Reviews and approves adequate plans for the control of planned outputs, budget spending, labor efficiency, material efficiency, engineering effectiveness, customer service, order entry efficiency, along with human utilization.

  4. Participates with Engineering, Marketing organizations as well as customers and suppliers in the planning and implementation of new products and programs from conception to production with the ultimate objective of meeting customer commitments.

  5. Defines and recommends objectives in each area of Operations.  Develops specific short-term and long-term plans and programs, together with Marketing and Program Management.

  6. Meet with vendors, customers, quality representatives, and Company personnel to discuss and resolve quality problems as required.

  7. Develops with the assistance of Human Resources, training, development, and organizational plans to upgrade operational effectiveness of manufacturing organization.

  8. Develops a highly motivated staff with a superior level of competence paying particular attention to state of the art systems and processes, while developing a world class attitude throughout the entire organization.

  9. Ensures that duties, responsibilities, and authority and accountability of all direct subordinates are defined and understood.

  10. Oversees continuous improvement programs and assures ISO/TS 16949 standards are implemented.

  11. Oversee the preparation of all necessary quality reports as required by customers and staff personnel.

  12. Oversee the quality department staff job assignments and responsibilities.

  13. Assist with the overall use of lean manufacturing concepts and Six Sigma tools to achieve overall quality improvement of production lines.

  14. Ensures thorough familiarity with policies and procedures to operate within these and ensure employees follow them.

  15. Assumes other activities and responsibilities as required.

  16. Other duties may be assigned as required.


Bachelors of Science Degree in Engineering or Business discipline or equivalent in experience.

  1. Affiliation with successful manufacturing.  Minimum of 3 yrs. experience in the electronics industry.

  2. A minimum of three years as a manufacturing manager, or in production and inventory control.

  3. Sound administrative skills, well-developed management skills.

  4. Well developed interpersonal skills. Must have excellent written and oral communication skills.

  5. ISO/TS 16949  and ISO 14000 knowledge

  6. Working knowledge of manufacturing processes, quality systems and procedures, organizational development, financial budgets and controls.

  7. Must have good leadership and interpersonal skills to interface with people at different levels.

  8. Fluent in English and Spanish.

Puesto:  Produccion
    Información Adicional
Tipo de contrato: Permanente
Salario:  Negociable

Estado o Region: Chihuahua
Ciudad: Ciudad Juarez


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